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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Skulls skulls and more skulls. Crystal Skulls.

The earth is in a period of transition and , since humans tend to fear the unknown and change in general, it seems the skulls are really needed here at this time. Or is it just getting popular?  I truly believe popularity  is why there seems to be a growing interest and demand for them.  Don't know what I'm talking about... crystal skulls.  Why would a crystal skull be any different than a crystal of any other shape.. a butterfly or a heart or just its own shape.  ummm?  I have just gotten a book called Crystal Skulls , emissaries of healing and sacred wisdom by Marion  Webb-De Sisto.  I am very interested in what it has to say. I do know that the largest growing part seems to be in the United Kingdom. Revenia says  that the skulls are needed by people  as a way of helping them "cope with the various stresses and changes in our world that affect us all to some degree." I'm interested why she thinks that and again dose it have to be skulls?  I would live to hear what your thoughts are on this.

    I do a lot of Art Journaling and this has even become super big in this area.

I have found a ton of different kind on the net.. like everything you could think of.  Here is a few photos that I found even.

 I even found this group meeting from 2011  of these 3 woman.
    Here is their link ,  but I don't see anything added on to it from my side.
On that note and with a few photos Im going to sign off for the day.. Getting chilly here and I need to get some heat on or get up and move.  lol   
As always... Bright Blessing to you and your.

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