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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Just a thought for the day.

 This is a thought.. just a thought.. but look how true it is.
You are a unique and magnificent human being.. Of all the billions of people on this earth there is not another you and your very existence is vital to thing functioning., Because you are a part of this earth.  All that you see, and all that you do and all that there is, could not exist with out you!!!

Ok on that note.. did you know that.......
 OM    means Enlightened Body
 AH     means Enlightened Speech
 HUNG   means Enlightened Mind
 HO      means Enlightened Activity.

 Boy I'm just full of it today aren't I.  lol  Its a dull and rainy day out and I need to get my mind in the right mind set or I will just waist the day away and I don't want that.  So think on the positive side of things today.. the weather dose have a lot to do with people and how they feel and the shortening of the days only make these feeling stronger. I know personally I need to have the nice bright sunshine or I feel cleome as they say and its hard for me to shake. So light that positive candle.. burn some sage and put on a big smile...
 Love and light and bright blessing to you  and yours.

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