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Friday, September 4, 2015

New Room and stamping around.

Merry Meet and bright blessing to all.... That's a big Hello everyone.
Summer seemed to take for ever to get here and now again its over already.
All though I love fall and everything about it.. its the winter coming that I don't care so much for.
But I have a NEW craft room to work in this winter thanks to my daughter who pushed me into it, and she was right. The bigger room and the view out the window is much nicer and yep it will be great when the snow is flying. burr.
Here is one photo of it.. I was having trouble with my camera making the photos black because of all the light coming in...need to take at night I guess. 
And its still a bit messy but oh so nice. Plus we have lots of space for both of us now.. yea !
Ok on that note here is a few things we have been working on..
They are for EBay.. cant never find any so we just made some.

And that's not all... have been working on B.O.S. and pocket cards.  Here are a few of them
 and some tags mixed in.   Photos are not so great today, but you get the idea.

lots of fun goodies.  Thanks so much for looking and I promise to take better photos next time.
Bright blessing to you and yours.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New Rubber !!

Look what momma bear got in the mail finely today... ok  sorry that is what I say to my kids that are also no longer  I guess I am just being goofy today. Must be the heat. Any way here they are and I just love them.
 I need to cut them apart and mount them as you can see and I hate that part.. boo hiss.  But do what you gotta do.  
Here is what they look like stamped.

 And here is where I got them. I have looked at them for over 3 years.. why so long.... well I was hoping they would go on sale or something. Didn't happen so if you see any you like you might as well just get them so you can be playing with them.  They have a lot of neat stamp, this set cost me $21.00 and is the side of a 1/2 sheet of paper.
I'm off here for the night and think I'm going to go make some cut outs.  You all have a awesome evening and bright blessing to you and your.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

New Index tag

Hello Hello..  yep its that time again.  Here is my new skellie tag .  This is on another index card.  Have to say I cant wait till I get a lot of them done so I can put them together and make my book.
Ok lets get on with it.
 I made this one for the Skellie Fest challenge and the June numbers challenge for Lost Coast Designs,  This one is a lot of fun and I have a few other things in mind. 
  Here is the things I started with.
 The awesome paints..  I love them !!
The awesome new stamps from Lost Coast Designs.
My new stencil from the stamp show.  opps upside down.
 And .....
Here is what I did..  Painted my Index card with my cool new paints over my new stencil.
While was  drying I stamped all my goodies and started cutting them out.  
When that was all done I got to work gluing all my part down. 
 Then shadowed around my card.
Here is my cool index card..  I love it !
  Here is a link to it so you can check it out  for your self.

 Hope you enjoy!  And as always Bright Blessing to you and yours.

Monday, June 8, 2015

New Stamp Release Challenge

Hello everyone.  It has been insane at my house lately.. very much.  Hubby has been off work cause of his back, kitty had to have eye removed... which she is ill again, MOVING MY CRAFT ROOM OMG!!!! What a mess I have there.. oh we won't go on. So I needed a few minutes of craft time.  So Here is a fast and simple small journaling page to add to my others.  This is for the New Stamp Release Challenge  at Lost Coast Designs.  
Ok here is what I did..  I painted my index card the cut grass green by dylusions ( awesome paint ) then used white paint on a  star stencil,  Then I did the ziggy stencil down the side.  Found a piece of yellow paper I liked and cut it out to make the moon and glued it on and when around it with a grey maker to give it some depth.  Then last  I Added the painted blue cut out city. And WaLa  I have the stars and moon over the city for my new page.  
The city stamp can be found in the new release section in the Lost Coast catalog. They have lots of really fun new things.  I got quite a few of them my self..  Ginnzzzz  :-)
Thanks for looking and I hope you have a great day.
Bright blessing to you and yours.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Whats up for the day.

On this witchy day... On my desk.. If I could get to it is the new stencil that my Daughter Tera made for me. It has a great crow on it that I love and my new witch girl.

You can also see that Sam is camping out on my desk.. like always.  It makes thing interesting some times to say the least.

Ok This is my art Journal thingy.. like that .. thingy.   Any way this is the one I am working on for this month.  Green is not my color but I do like it.   ( Art journal calendar ). It  is just another page in my composition notebook .   Some day I will have to do a flip though of it.  That seems to be all the rage right now is showing them.

I hope this finds every one having a great day!!!!  We have been working on the roof and now time to take a break..  going to cook out on the grill... yea   I'm all for that.  Plus the hubby dose it.  lol
 Bright blessing to you and yours.  

Friday, May 22, 2015

ATC .. New stamps from Lost Coast Designs

New ATC..  yea,  its been a little bit of time since I have made them. This ATC was made for the May ATC Challenge for Lost Coast.  I have been into so many things lately that I can't decide what I like doing best.  Art Journaling seems to be a big thing.. I love the painting part. Stamping would come in next..  so many stamps.. what to pick.
  Soooo on this ATC I have used 2 different green paints and just used an old room key card to spread the paint.  White paint  through the Punchinello.  The Spider Web stamp is on top of that and is from Lost Coast Designs and so is this Awesome cat that I love. The cat I stamped on card stock then just cut out and glued it on.  I have some great new Lost Coast Design stamps that I will be posting later .   Hope you enjoy and as always bright blessing to you and yours. 

A Big Happy Birthday to My Daughter Tera.