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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Skulls skulls and more skulls. Crystal Skulls.

The earth is in a period of transition and , since humans tend to fear the unknown and change in general, it seems the skulls are really needed here at this time. Or is it just getting popular?  I truly believe popularity  is why there seems to be a growing interest and demand for them.  Don't know what I'm talking about... crystal skulls.  Why would a crystal skull be any different than a crystal of any other shape.. a butterfly or a heart or just its own shape.  ummm?  I have just gotten a book called Crystal Skulls , emissaries of healing and sacred wisdom by Marion  Webb-De Sisto.  I am very interested in what it has to say. I do know that the largest growing part seems to be in the United Kingdom. Revenia says  that the skulls are needed by people  as a way of helping them "cope with the various stresses and changes in our world that affect us all to some degree." I'm interested why she thinks that and again dose it have to be skulls?  I would live to hear what your thoughts are on this.

    I do a lot of Art Journaling and this has even become super big in this area.

I have found a ton of different kind on the net.. like everything you could think of.  Here is a few photos that I found even.

 I even found this group meeting from 2011  of these 3 woman.
    Here is their link ,  but I don't see anything added on to it from my side.
On that note and with a few photos Im going to sign off for the day.. Getting chilly here and I need to get some heat on or get up and move.  lol   
As always... Bright Blessing to you and your.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

New BOS sheets almost done.

This is  what I have been working on.. yea me.. getting stuff done. I guess it helps here in Ohio when the weather starts cooling down and my brain can work and think better.. lol   Well so sure about that think part, but sounds good to me at the moment.  
This sheet I just love!!! it is super dark and wish I could copy them.. but it just doesn't work that way.
This one was soaked for a few days in heavy coffee and a cinnamon tea mix.

 Now this pile are all just a little different , but yet the same. you can kinda tell if you look at the bottom. should have taken more photos. These are just tacked down for the moment till I am sure this is how I want them.  Any Ideas. ( stamped out and then cut in to the shapes I want or the part that I want to use. Then tacked down on the paper )

 Another really nice dark one.. I love the dark staining lines. This one was stamped , then masked off the front part and stamped the window onto the back.. pretty cool isn't it.  My daughters doing.  Got to love it.. then soaked in the staining mix.

This one.. just different.. It is stamped and ready for staining. I think it will make a great love or friendship page.. or future spell page since I do have a crystal ball on it too.  This one will be fun to color.
Well that's it for today.. I hope you get some ideas to get you started on a new page in your book.  Remember you can do anything..  paint, stamp, stain, color.  You do not have to make your pages look like old book sheets you see on tv shows.. yes I know it makes them look cool... just think in time they will be cool no matter what.   Heres a tip/hit cut out newspaper dates or adds and clue on to your sheet for the date, its  a nice little touh.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Just a thought for the day.

 This is a thought.. just a thought.. but look how true it is.
You are a unique and magnificent human being.. Of all the billions of people on this earth there is not another you and your very existence is vital to thing functioning., Because you are a part of this earth.  All that you see, and all that you do and all that there is, could not exist with out you!!!

Ok on that note.. did you know that.......
 OM    means Enlightened Body
 AH     means Enlightened Speech
 HUNG   means Enlightened Mind
 HO      means Enlightened Activity.

 Boy I'm just full of it today aren't I.  lol  Its a dull and rainy day out and I need to get my mind in the right mind set or I will just waist the day away and I don't want that.  So think on the positive side of things today.. the weather dose have a lot to do with people and how they feel and the shortening of the days only make these feeling stronger. I know personally I need to have the nice bright sunshine or I feel cleome as they say and its hard for me to shake. So light that positive candle.. burn some sage and put on a big smile...
 Love and light and bright blessing to you  and yours.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 24 th Osiris

Who is Osiris.... ?
Osiris (Egyptian) Great God and Isis's partner, father of Horus. He sacrificed himself so that life could regenerate.  We always hear about Isis but not much about him. Well September 24 is sacred to Osiris for death and rebirth.   Great day to do a sheet in your BOS about him.

Brightest Blessing to you and yours.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mystery of the wheel Lummas and Mabon

In myth, the Goddess sees with sadness that the strength of the Sun God is fading, but it lives on inside her as her child.  The fruits of our labor are celebrated and enjoyed from out gardens.  A time to look back and celebrate successes and   achievements of the past year.  In cutting the corn the seed is gathered in and ensuring a new life.
 Imagery to use - 
Corn and wheat, a large scythe, daisies for joy and success, grapes for opulence, loaves of beautiful breads to represent new creations formed from raw material and ideas and labor.

September 24
  Sacred to Osiris, Egyptian God of death and rebirth.

October 9
 Sacred to Felicitas, Roman Goddess of good fortune and luck.

October 12
 Infamous occultist and magician Aleister Crowley was born in 1875.

October 15
 Sacred to Mars, Roman God of battle.

October 18
 A day to honor Cernunnos, the Pagan Horned God of fertility, wild animals , the forest and hunting.

      OCTOBER 31ST
    Samhain is one of the Greater Sabbats and an agricultural festival now adays. On the land it is the 3rd and last harvest of the year ( Lammas and Mabon being the first 2 ) and  time to store the final food stores away for the winter. Samhain is the beginning of the Witches Year,  a time of divination and prophecy and a time to honor the dead.

My Mabon birthday with Art Journaling

I'm a big whooping 49... getting really close to that magic number as they say.  lol   I am on the road with my  awesome hubby again, and this time spending my birthday and the whole Mabon in Rochester NY for work.  But Im going to share my doodles that I have been doing..  time wasters mostly cause its to cod to go out side and raining on top of that.  So this is my birthday gift to myself was to recall all the new things that I could think of that has happened  ( that I can personal ) remember.   So heres your peek.    
  Sooo sorry its turned.. but I give trying to figure it out and why I cant get it to go the right way.. I took it the right way... right way right way..  see what getting old dose to you.  lol

 oh and great this one is upside down !!
 Well if you hung in this far thank so very much..  Please enjoy your day and bright blessing to you and yours .

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

WOYWW (what's on your Workdesk Wednesday),

Hi ya hi ya.  This week I am in Springfield Massachusetts... and man did I have a time getting that spelled right. lol  I need to work on that it seems.  Any way here is my peek.
The bed is my desk,

So far I think I like it.

 Ummm not so sure any more. lol
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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

WOYWW (what's on your Workdesk Wednesday) Zoar craft Stamp Yard Sale

Hello Hello :-)    Well Im going to try this again.  I guess its all a learning process.
Here is a clip.. I'm hoping from the Zoar Stamp Yard Sale in Zoar Ohio.... yep a yard sale of nothing but stamps.
   ok I guess I got it to load to youtube but its not happening here.     Please take a peek at it from this link.


Please stop and look at our host page and take a peek at all the other fun desk. 

Thank you and bright blessing to you and yours

Thursday, April 24, 2014


just doing a quick Smudging in the house to clear out the ickys.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

WOYWW (what's on your Workdesk Wednesday),

Hello dear crafters.. going to keep this super short tonight..  I wont show you my desk today cause I have been working at my dinning room table again..and oh what a mess I have.  ugg
And what have we been doing to make this mess you may say.. working on BOS pages and my mom's book for Christmas.
Here is a sneak peak at some sheets.
And yes Fancy just had to get in the photo's didn't she.   I think she is happy with her new home.
For more fun things to see please stop over at  Thanks and Bright Blessing to you and yours. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

WOYWW (what's on your Work desk Wednesday ~New goodies.

                         Hello :-)  Well lots of goodies and  things... in the craft room.
I have no work done, but went shopping with my girl... oh that is such a dangerous thing. 

 First. you get to see the mess I have to clean up just so I can take photos of the new goodies.  hugggg Lots of goodies to work in my Mom's book **** which was the only thing I was sopost to be getting. That' it in the middle, the Dylusions book by Dyan Reavely.  I love it!  it is my 2nd one.  Great 2 thumbs up from me! :-)

 Then there is this stand that my awesome hubby found and got for me to use in my craft room.. it is going to double as a craft stand and a 2nd cat house/ bed for our new cat.. yep  she loves the craft room too.  Meet Fancy .  We brought her home from the Shelter that we volunteer
 at... another thing my wonderful daughter talked me into.. bringing her home..
 I think she thinks she is a bird.  
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

WOYWW (what's on your Work desk Wednesday,

Hey Hey the gangs all here for another WOYWW (what's on your Work desk Wednesday, Please make sure you stop by and leave her a comment and look at all the goodies ... hop hop hop.

  Ok Im full of energy.. my youngest son is home from collage  for Spring break and we went hiking today, and how great it is for the soul. Sunshine and ice.. little strange but it was warm... and Im very out of shape again this spring.. blllaaa on that.  Love to share a few photos of the day since I was not at my desk.
This was so cool it looked like a ghost log. I was playing with my new camera / phone that my awesome hubby got me.. it takes photo's inside photos.. lol

My self being silly

Bright blessing to you and yours :-)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

WOYWW (what's on your Work desk Wednesday),

Well it's here again.. I know I know I have 7 days to get ready for it every week..  Well my hubby has been home from work for the last five days.. can I used that as a  Well on with it.  Here is my desk.... this evening full of paper work. I was working on a new schedule and was going to put it on. It's one for the house.. but it just isn't working out to be that way.

I know I should be doing this down stairs.. But all my fun stuff is up here .. and I just have to play with my  markers one way or another even if it's just to make lines on my sheets.

n the mean time while its only 23 out side the sun was nice and warm so I opened the door for my fur babies to enjoy.. and enjoy they did.  This is Sam again who was none to happy when I closed the door.

This is Squirt.. she is 13 and was truly loving the sun!
Then one more pic tonight.. ha ha its changed ... I eat late since my hubby headed back out to work today.. yum yum 
 Sorry no new goodies on my desk .. I could of faked it.. but you know I just don't think so.. Now Im free to go look at all of yours  :-)  
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

WOYWW (what's on your Work desk Wednesday

Hello Tubie :-)
 Yep its that time again.
 And I have I have a mess.. well less of a mess if you look at the photo's form yesterday.
                  It was clean up time.  I was getting lost in the mess and it was getting worse. So here is a few before and after's.
AFTER~ yea I still have a ways to go, but I'm getting there.
It was bad I know,  This is a peek at card you can see in the corner of the desk again the wall that I think Im going to give my Mom for Mothers day.
and if you want to see just how bad the rest of my room is, just look at my post from yesterday. I have worked on it too but not worth of a photo yet.  lol
Thanks for stopping in.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Craft room mess!

I don't know about you.. but I can tell you that I am having a time of it trying to organize my stuff.  Oh where to start I always the big thing. Then what to put where and how. So what I have been doing is grouping my stamps in boxes or tubs. .  like cats that changed to animals.   ok what do I do with the pack that has swindle and dots and dogs and cats in it. I don't want to break up the set. But I have a box just for designs too.  See my issue.  Ok the other is I just have was to much and to small of a space.  To many ideas and they just get lost.  I am taking on a do NOT go in to craft stores for a while. I don't need anything. Trust me other than a personal organize to come in here and give me a hand.  I think my brain just shuts off when I come that possible? 
The cubes I thought would be great ... it is I just cant get it together in any kind of order it seems.

This mess on all the little desk top drives me in sane! I'm going to work on the TODAY!

The wall unit and stamps is the only thing that seems to be right but the desk under it just kills it.

and this mess ... ugg  is in no order of any kind. I tried. But id didn't work or come out that way.
I know that I would be more productive if I didn't have the mess cause I just get side tracked with it and end up messing with other stuff. Plus it doesn't give you that feel good feeling being all over the place. 
Any way I do hope that I can make some head way in here today.. I have a can of Mocha and Elvis to play.. to keep me going.  Wish me luck.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Full Moon Dates for 2014

Here is a full moon calendar with the days and date for those of you who have a hard time keeping up with them. My self and others find  that we work better and are more creative during these times. Meaning this would be great times to plan to work on a certain craft project that you have been having fits with. Or lets see getting that one thing done that we just cant seem to find the energy to do.  Maybe clean the closet .. that was mine last month. Personally I get much more creative a few days before even and do my best work at these times, weather it be making a craft or organizing something.  Any way here it is and I hope It will help you make some plans. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

New card for any day.

Here is the new card that I have been working on.. I was made from all my scraps that is always good for starters.  The quote ~ humming bird ~ and cup cake are  all stamps for they Unity pate stamp of the month club.  And I love them.  The cup cake be done up in so many ways... its just fun fun fun.
I have super glitter paint on the top of the cup cake really thick so in person its fluffy. I will have to see if I can get a better photo of it to put on here.  The Humming bird is glitter water color paint so it is very faint. And the it's a white gel pen that I wrote in the back birthday words.   I hope you enjoyed the idea.. So many possibility's!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

WOYWW (what's on your Work desk Wednesday),

 Hello Tubie's,
I hope this finds everyone having a great week!
 I personally am sick of snow up to my knees!!
I will keep this short ... Here is my desk, since that is what it's all about, and the photo of the bumble bee girl is the Atc that I finish today for a swap. I still have to seal it to make it nice and shiny. The wings do already have  watercolor glitter paint on them.. just can't see it in the photo.
 Here you go... Enjoy and as always bright blessing to you and yours.  :-)
FYI.... That is Sam.. He was the kitten that no one wanted.. I have been very blessed... he is a 16lb buddle of pure love.. (on most days).  He is very handsome if I do say so... grin  But I'm still working on those 2 pages, and him.
And as I said the is my ATC that is going out in my swap.
Time to get back to my paint.


Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines day card

Well here is the little bit of Valentine goodness that I put together for my awesome hubby. All of the stamps on this came from   the Unity stamp company.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

WOYWW (what's on your Workdesk Wednesday),

Hello Friends,   Well I missed last week cause I am still on the road.  I was in SC but as of right now we are in Jackson Fla.. and yes it's cold here!  It's nuts like the cold is following us and we just can't get to warm weather  :-(
 Ok so here is my make shift desk for this week...  the bed and the heater :-)  But I have a great big window that makes it nice.

This is the 2 pages I have been working on while on the road.. I did the paint at home, so  I would have the messy part done and glued pieces too.

If you would like to see more stuff please check out this Face book page,   
~~~****  Please add some of your own Art to the site ****~~~
Should be up and running for all new artist to post your work.
Thank you and Bright Blessing to you and yours.