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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New E-bay goodies :-)

*** This set of sheets is made to look OLD and rustic and so on. The paper is crunchy like and is hand aged and stained and wrinkled.
1-** Bedtime Prayer.
1-** BOS protection spell.
1-** The Bottle Spell.
1-** Calling the Spirits .
1-**Prayer to the Goddess.
1-**Book pf Shadows Blessing .
1-**Love Candles .
1-** A Balm for Abundance.
1-** To Attract a Love.
1-** Animal Healing Spell.
1-** An Invocation for Summer.
1-** large black Hang tag ( shown in the first photo)
Thats a Total of 11 sheets that will be coming to you in your mail in a Very zippy Hand stamp package. I guess people have been cutting them out and also using them in their books too. I stamp everything the day it goes out or the night before so I cant tell you what I will putting on it.

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