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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More tips on keeping cool in this heat.

Hello friends,   here is a few  more tips to help you keep cool on this nice hot day.
lets start with a cheap spray bottle - fill it with water, adjust it to fine mist and spray it on your exposed skin for an instant chill-zing cooling effect.
-Wear a bandana with water soaked on it and put it on your head. Or you can relive the 80's and wear a wet terrycloth headband on your forehead.
-Run cold water over your wrists for 10 seconds on each hand. This will reduce your temperature for roughly an hour.
-Fill your bathtub with cool water and get in. Once you are used to the temperature, let some water out and refill with cold water. Keep doing this until you are sufficiently cold. Your body will stay cool for a long time after you get out. For a fast cool-down, add ice!
-Wear nothing. If you're in a situation where you can go without clothes, this can be the most comfortable and natural way to stay cool.

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