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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Mystery of the wheel Lummas and Mabon

In myth, the Goddess sees with sadness that the strength of the Sun God is fading, but it lives on inside her as her child.  The fruits of our labor are celebrated and enjoyed from out gardens.  A time to look back and celebrate successes and   achievements of the past year.  In cutting the corn the seed is gathered in and ensuring a new life.
 Imagery to use - 
Corn and wheat, a large scythe, daisies for joy and success, grapes for opulence, loaves of beautiful breads to represent new creations formed from raw material and ideas and labor.

September 24
  Sacred to Osiris, Egyptian God of death and rebirth.

October 9
 Sacred to Felicitas, Roman Goddess of good fortune and luck.

October 12
 Infamous occultist and magician Aleister Crowley was born in 1875.

October 15
 Sacred to Mars, Roman God of battle.

October 18
 A day to honor Cernunnos, the Pagan Horned God of fertility, wild animals , the forest and hunting.

      OCTOBER 31ST
    Samhain is one of the Greater Sabbats and an agricultural festival now adays. On the land it is the 3rd and last harvest of the year ( Lammas and Mabon being the first 2 ) and  time to store the final food stores away for the winter. Samhain is the beginning of the Witches Year,  a time of divination and prophecy and a time to honor the dead.

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