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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Mabon birthday with Art Journaling

I'm a big whooping 49... getting really close to that magic number as they say.  lol   I am on the road with my  awesome hubby again, and this time spending my birthday and the whole Mabon in Rochester NY for work.  But Im going to share my doodles that I have been doing..  time wasters mostly cause its to cod to go out side and raining on top of that.  So this is my birthday gift to myself was to recall all the new things that I could think of that has happened  ( that I can personal ) remember.   So heres your peek.    
  Sooo sorry its turned.. but I give trying to figure it out and why I cant get it to go the right way.. I took it the right way... right way right way..  see what getting old dose to you.  lol

 oh and great this one is upside down !!
 Well if you hung in this far thank so very much..  Please enjoy your day and bright blessing to you and yours .

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