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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New Rubber !!

Look what momma bear got in the mail finely today... ok  sorry that is what I say to my kids that are also no longer  I guess I am just being goofy today. Must be the heat. Any way here they are and I just love them.
 I need to cut them apart and mount them as you can see and I hate that part.. boo hiss.  But do what you gotta do.  
Here is what they look like stamped.

 And here is where I got them. I have looked at them for over 3 years.. why so long.... well I was hoping they would go on sale or something. Didn't happen so if you see any you like you might as well just get them so you can be playing with them.  They have a lot of neat stamp, this set cost me $21.00 and is the side of a 1/2 sheet of paper.
I'm off here for the night and think I'm going to go make some cut outs.  You all have a awesome evening and bright blessing to you and your.