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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Whats up for the day.

On this witchy day... On my desk.. If I could get to it is the new stencil that my Daughter Tera made for me. It has a great crow on it that I love and my new witch girl.

You can also see that Sam is camping out on my desk.. like always.  It makes thing interesting some times to say the least.

Ok This is my art Journal thingy.. like that .. thingy.   Any way this is the one I am working on for this month.  Green is not my color but I do like it.   ( Art journal calendar ). It  is just another page in my composition notebook .   Some day I will have to do a flip though of it.  That seems to be all the rage right now is showing them.

I hope this finds every one having a great day!!!!  We have been working on the roof and now time to take a break..  going to cook out on the grill... yea   I'm all for that.  Plus the hubby dose it.  lol
 Bright blessing to you and yours.  

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