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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Aromatherapy Modeling Dough

Aromatherapy Modeling Dough
***I would recommend you do not give this dough to small children as they have a tendency to think everything is edible, or at least should be, and if its not it will fit into the DVD or Blue ray player and CD player you just got.***

1 cup flour
1 cup warm water
2tsp. cream of tartar

1tsp. cooking oil
1/4 cup salt
Essential oils of choice (One should obviously stay away from oils that could cause a serious problem to the skin, etc). If color is desired food coloring or Kool-Aid powder work well. Kool-Aid also comes in a nice color variety:)

Mix all ingredients in a saucepan over medium heat. Stir until smooth. Remove dough from the pan and knead until blended smooth. If you want colors, add food coloring or a pinch of Kool-Aid now until the desired color is made. Let cool. Now to make it aromatic, I roll the dough into a ball and push a hole in it with my thumb. I then add a few drops of an essential oil (usually 1-3 to start) and knead the dough thoroughly. Sniff. Keep doing this until you get the aroma you are looking for.

Some single EO's and color ideas:

Brown--Benzoin, Patchouly, or Cedarwood
Orange--Orange or Bergamot
Yellow--Lemon or Lemongrass
Green--Pine or Clary Sage
Red--Palmarosa or Geranium
Purple--Lavender or Ylang-Ylang
Light Blue--Rosemary or Eucalyptus
Dark Blue--Sandalwood or Lavender
Pink--Ylang Ylang or Grapefruit
White--Peppermint or Sweet Birch.


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