style="margin-top:40px;" The White Witches cottage: September 2015

Friday, September 4, 2015

New Room and stamping around.

Merry Meet and bright blessing to all.... That's a big Hello everyone.
Summer seemed to take for ever to get here and now again its over already.
All though I love fall and everything about it.. its the winter coming that I don't care so much for.
But I have a NEW craft room to work in this winter thanks to my daughter who pushed me into it, and she was right. The bigger room and the view out the window is much nicer and yep it will be great when the snow is flying. burr.
Here is one photo of it.. I was having trouble with my camera making the photos black because of all the light coming in...need to take at night I guess. 
And its still a bit messy but oh so nice. Plus we have lots of space for both of us now.. yea !
Ok on that note here is a few things we have been working on..
They are for EBay.. cant never find any so we just made some.

And that's not all... have been working on B.O.S. and pocket cards.  Here are a few of them
 and some tags mixed in.   Photos are not so great today, but you get the idea.

lots of fun goodies.  Thanks so much for looking and I promise to take better photos next time.
Bright blessing to you and yours.